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Explore the Dhabas of Nashik.

Dhabas depict the culinary tradition of our country, they are found along the roads and highways. The Nashik city neighborhood has numerous dhabas specializing in Punjabi and Marathi cuisines majorly and has dedicated veg and non-veg recipes in the menu. The dhabas have old and rustic settings.
The dishes have plenty of flavors embedded in them. They are the perfect example of simple and tasteful kitchens providing you food along the roadside.



How Taste of Nashik can help you ?

taste of Nashik is your online food guide which provides you a list of various food outlets in Nashik. Dhabas in the city are no exception to it. You can easily get the dhaba nearest to you.


The dhaba- style restaurants features


The dhaba-style restaurants have many features like

  • Delivery services : You can enjoy the dhaba-style sarso ka saag, palak paneer, butter chicken , aloo paratha at the comfort of your house. You can simply get it on your door-steps.
  • Homely ambience : You feel a home like ambience as the dhabas have a rustic setting and a good place for photoshoot.
  • Affordable : The dhabas are generally chosen when you want tasty food in affordable price.
  • Quick service : At a dhaba you get a really quick service as their style of cooking is very simple yet you don’t miss the flavors you want in your favorite dishes.




Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will get answers to frequently asked questions related to dhabas in Nashik.

Do we get hygienic food on dhabas near Nashik ?

Yes , you get very good quality food in Dhabas near Nashik. You can go out with your family to have a change and even if you are new in Nashik, Taste Of Nashik helps you to find the best dhabas and dhaba style restaurants near you

Do we get Air Conditioned sitting on Dhabas ?

Yes, you get clean air conditioning sitting on some dhabas also. In general the dhabas have open areas sitting only. The service might be quick or a bit delayed depending on your dishes ordered.

How can I list by dhaba on Taste of Nashik?

You can easily register your dhaba on Taste of Nashik , if you are facing any problem please contact us.


Where will I get a dhaba in Nashik?

On this site you will get a list of dhabas in the city to choose from.

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