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The sweet you can’t forget

A falooda is a cold dessert that is often served with ice -cream. Its an Mughlai-Indian delicacy, which is loved by the Nashikars too. In Nashik, a suburb of Maharashtra, India, sweet-dishes are adored by all.
Falooda is made up of vermicelli, rose syrup , milk and sweet basil seeds.This sweet dish originated in Persia.


How Taste of Nashik can help you

Taste of Nashik is there to help you find out the best falooda spots in Nashik. The list is created for you based on customer reviews, taste, hygiene and the overall service provided by the falooda spots and food vans.


Falooda good for skin

Falooda is a promoter of good skin and hair along with being sweet, crunchy, creamy,smooth and refreshing. The milkshake that is there in falooda gives us all the feels.

Falooda seeds provide us relief from constipation

The fiber in these tiny seeds, also called the falooda seed sare well recognised for its digestive effects and can provide constipation and gas relief.

Falooda seeds are good to manage diabetes

Some studies indicate that falooda seeds could also aid in the management of diabetes and heart disease.

Rich source of omega-3

Falooda seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which may alleviate inflammation in the body and bring radiance to the skin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have tried to answer most of the frequently asked questions related to falooda in Nashik.

Do we get good falooda in Nashik?

Yes, there are several falooda spots in Nashik that serve good falooda.

What is the timing of the falooda centers ?

The food vans serve falooda at the evening hours and the ice-cream centers can serve you falooda any time.

Which falooda is most popular ?

Rose falooda is the most popular variant of falooda.

Where will I get to know about good falooda spots ?

On Taste of Nashik you will get the list of falooda sellers in Nashik that have good taste.

How to enlist my business name on Taste of Nashik?

You can easily add your business on Taste of Nashik by contacting us.

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