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Nashik’s Famous Food

Nashik is renowned for its distinctive Maharashtrian cuisine.

Nashik’s renowned Maharashtrian cuisine, which include items like Modak, a steamed delicacy that is thought to be extremely healthy, Vada pav Kutchi Dabeli, an Indian version of burgers, and crunchy Sabudana vadas, a staple for those who are fasting.

Nashik famous food

Famous Nashik delicacies

In the Indian state of Maharashtra’s northwest sits the historic city of Nashik. If we talk about the food then Nashik specializes in snacks like Misal pav, Ukadiche modak, Sabudana vada, Thalipeeth, Vada Pav. If we talk about the main course then we have Puran Poli, Maharashtrian thali and Bharid Bhakri and even Non-Vegetarian gravies.

You can choose a variety of food offered here in Nashik

Taste Of Nashik helps you find out the best food  in Nashik in your budget and the ranking of the food outlets is based on their ratings and reviews.

Why is Nashik referred to as India’s wine capital?

Due to the 29 active wineries in the Nashik district, Nashik is sometimes referred to as “The Wine Capital of India” is a nickname. Out of a total area of roughly 180,000 acres (73,000 ha) under various forms of grape cultivation, about 8,000 acres (3,200 ha) are under grape wine plantation in Nashik.

Nashik’s speciality 

Few specialities of Nashik are

  • Dabeli
  • Misal Pav
  • Sabudana wada
  • Thalipeeth
  • Bhel puri

Must try in Nashik !!

Sol kadhi :

It has a soothing pink-purple color. The solkadhi has a cooling effect and is appropriate to take after eating spicy food.Sol kadhi is an appetizer and you can take it with your meal or after the completion of your meal. Sol kadhi is popular in Goa, Southern Maharashtra and Northern Karnataka. Preparation includes coconut milk, extracted from fresh coconut. The coconut milk is mixed with kokum, salt, mustard seeds, chili and ginger- garlic paste that enhance the probiotic contents. 

Chaat :

The classic chaat of Nashik consists of diced potatoes, crispy fried bread called dahi vada or dahi bhalla, gramme or chickpeas, and tangy-salty spices. To garnish, fresh green coriander leaves and yogurt are added, along with sour Indian chiles and saunth (dry ginger and tamarind sauce).

Sabudana Vada:

Sabudana vada with peanut chutney is a specialty from Nashik, Maharashtra, India.The wada is fully immersed in this chutney. If this snack is served with a cup of ginger tea then it is the best. Sabudana, however, is a processed meal. It is made from the tapioca plant’s roots. The tapioca starch is then transformed into sphere-shaped pearls.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have tried to answer most of te frequently asked questions related to Famous food of Nashik.

What should I try in street food of Nashik

Among the Nashik’s street food you must try

  • Vada pav
  • Pani puri
  • Bhel
  • Papdi chat
  • Chole kulche
  • Pav bhaji

Places to visit in Nashik

Places you can visit in Nashik are

  • Wineries
  • Resorts
  • Farmhouses
  • Misal Centers
  • Street Food spots

How is the service in Hotels of Nashik?

You get quite quick service in hotels of Nashik, but there might be delay according to your ordered food.

Is table booking services available in hotels of Nashik

Yes, table booking service is available in most of the hotels.

How will I get the best places to eat in Nashik

Here, on Taste of Nashik you can easily get the list of best food places near you.

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