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Gulab Jamun

Enjoy the best gulab jamuns in Nashik.

Gulab jamun, the most loved dessert, originated in the Indian subcontinent. The milk is boiled and when all of the water component is evaporated then milk remains are left that is called khoya.Khoya is kneaded with maida, all purpose flour and then small balls are shaped out of the dough and are fried in ghee or oil.

gulab jamun

Gulab Jamuns in Nashik

Taste Of Nashik tells you the best places to have gulab jamuns in Nashik. On this website you will get a list of best restaurants in Nashik. You can find out nearest restaurants and food joints on this site.

gulab jamun


 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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The best gulab jamuns serving outlets in the Nashik city will be listed here on Taste of Nashik.

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The listing of the outlets have been provided on the basis of reviews and ratings.

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