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Ice cream shops

Looking for ice-cream shops near you?

Taste of Nashik will let you know the best ice-cream parlors.

Ice cream fills us with happiness. This sweet frozen food is enjoyed by all age groups. You can have a single or double scoop of ice creams, these scoops can be of a single flavor or a mix of flavors. The ice-cream is flavored with fruits and sweeteners. There are countless flavors of ice cream in ice-cream parlors of Nashik. 

ice-cream shops in Nashik

How can Taste of Nashik help you

Taste of Nashik will take you to the best ice-cream centers in Nashik.The ranking of the ice-cream parlors is based on the ratings and reviews of the customers.

ice-cream shops in Nashik

Try out the best ice-cream parlors in Nashik

Ice cream is served in cones, cups and other forms like ice-cream shakes. The ice-cream parlors in Nashik charge you per scoop and the price is determined by the flavors you choose. Go and grab the luscious ice-creams in the city. Some of the most famous ice-cream flavors are, american nuts chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch. A butterscotch tornado is magical. Let Taste of Nashik dive you into the taste of the best ice-creams in Nashik.

Do try an  ice-cream sandwich !

An ice-cream sandwich is also a frozen dessert but it differs from the traditional ice-cream in the way that the ice-cream is stuffed between layers of biscuits, wafers or cookies. Taste of Nashik leads you to the ice-cream parlors that provide you the best ice-cream sandwich. You can have crunchy ice-cream sandwiches.These ice-cream sandwiches are dipped in melted chocolate, and then dipped into crushed chocolates and candies.

The best features of ice-cream parlors in Nashik

  • You can order your ice-cream online and you can get home delivery but that is within a range of distance from the ice-cream parlor.
  • As diabetes is getting very common now so the ice-cream parlors have sugar-free options also available.
  • Good packaging : earlier you were not able to take the ice creams longer as they melted, now we get good packing of ice-creams removing our barrier to take it on a little longer route.
  • Ice-cream parlors take bulk orders for parties and functions.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to ice-cream parlours in Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Here you will get answers to some of the frequently asked questions related ice-cream shops and ice-creams in Nashik.

Do we get door-step delivery service in Nashik?

Yes, you get a door-step delivery service by the ice-cream parlors but that might charge you additionally.The delivery will take place if your house is near to the parlor.

Do the ice-cream parlor accept bulk orders?

Yes , can give bulk orders to ice-cream parlors on your special occasions. You need to give the number and size of boxes in advance.

What food- items do ice-cream parlors keep other than ice-cream??

You can enjoy kulfies, ice-cream sandwich, softies, thick shakes.


What is the cost of ice-cream?

The ice-cream shops here like other cities charge you per scoop and the flavors you choose determine the price.

Can I get a good ice-cream sandwich in Nashik?

Yes, ice-cream parlors of Nashik keep really awesome ice-cream sandwiches.

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