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Juice Centers

Juice is an all time favorite drink that is generally consumed in the mid hours of the day.

Juices are the drinks made from the extractions of liquid in fruits. It can be prepared by adding concentrated fruit pulp. The juice centers of Nashik are hygienic and have a variety of fruit juices available. If a scoop of ice cream is added in the juice then the juice becomes soothing in taste along with the tanginess preserved.

juice centers in nashik

Best Juices must to try 

Taste Of Nashik provides you a list of juice centers that have the best juices that are highly rated with customer reviews.



Famous Juices in Nashik

Watermelon lychee granita

The watermelon lychee granita is a refreshing juice that is really helpful in beating the heat. The juice consists of watermelon, ginger,mint leaves along with lemon and lychee with ice cubes topped on it.

Aam ras

The summer fruit, mango shines in your glass if you order this aam ras. This is a superb blend of mango, lime juice and spices.

Kiwi juice

A refreshing kiwi juice with cucumber, thai ginger and of course kiwi.

Ananas panna

Unlike the regular mango drink, a glass of ananas panna has fresh pineapple pulp blended with lime juice, black salt and cumin powder also you get an ice-cream on top of the Juice glass.

Lychee and dill juice

Lychees are used in this juice of lychee and dill juice to act as a summer cooler with some lime and fresh dill added.

Virgin punch

The virgin punch is a fruity punch that fills you with instant energy. In this you can observe the use of fruits like apple, orange, mangoes and some sparkling lemonade.


 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will get answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to juice centers in Nashik.

Are the juices in Nashik heavily priced ?

No, the juices in Nashik are appropriately priced.

Are there good juice centers on college road ?

Yes , there are really good and popular juice centers on college road in Nashik.Never skip trying the pineapple shake on College Road.

Which is the best juice for health ?

There are a numerous juices that are healthy a few are listed below

  • Cranberry
  • Tomato
  • Apple
  • Beet
  • Prune

What are the famous shakes in Nashik?

 The most famous shakes in Nashik are

  • Brownie Mocha Milkshake
  • Double Brownie Chocolate Shake
  • Death By Brownie Shake
  • Chocolate Brownie Shake
  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Chocolate Oreo Shake

Where are the best juice centers in Nashik?

College Road, Gangapur Road, and Nashik Road are where you may find the best juices.

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