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Medu vada

Taste Of Nashik lets you know the best medu vada centers in Nashik.

Medu vada can be taken on your plate as breakfast and also as snack.It originated in southern part of India It is made of black lentils.It is given a donut shape, the shape is such that the fritters could be easily fried and also gives a good look. The fritter has an outer crispy covering and is soft and fluffy from inside. 

medu wada in Nashik

Medu wada on plate

Medu vada is immersed in sambar and along with that it is accompanied with coconut chutney. Medu vada served on banana leaves adds to its beauty. The lentil fritter needs to be fried at a low flame, to have a perfect balanced texture of crisp and fluffiness. Medu in malayalam, tamil and kannada means soft so it literally means soft fritter.

medu wada in Nashik


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Is medu wada healthy ?

Yes, medu wada is a healthy South-Indian  breakfast .

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