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Enjoy Little Momo-ments in Nashik

Momos are the most fancy street food gaining a lot of popularity. Momos are little dumplings of dough wrapping the fillings of veggies or meat. Momos originated in Tibet. There are various types of momos preparation and also the types of fillings. It is served with chili sauce, mayonnaise.

Taste of Nashik is an online food guide that helps you find out the best momos in Nashik. The list of the momo spots is based on customer reviews and overall experience of the crowd.


Momos gaining popularity in Nashik

In Nashik city, particularly among the college students. Momos, a street cuisine  are extremely well-liked. Given how versatile this dish is, we have a broad choice to choose from, including mutton, vegetables, and the chicken momos we are currently eating. The options are essentially unlimited with these momos.


Momos not limited to steamed style in Nashik

The various styles of preparation include steaming, frying, steaming and frying both. There is also a type of momo which is tandoori, prepared on the tandoor. Some momos are served dried and some are served dipped in the sauce.

Crunchy maggi momos

Fried momos with fantastic maggi filling. accompanied by two different dips.

Schezwan paneer momos

Filled with paneer made in schezwan sauce and accompanied by two different dips.

Corn – cheese momos 

A spinach and wheat crust encasing a sweet corn and cheese filling

Chicken momos 

Simple and flavorful ground chicken wrapped in refined flour dough and cooked.


 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will get answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to momos in Nashik.

Momos—are they junk food?

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is most frequently found in momos, and it not only contributes to obesity but also a host of other health problems include nerve disorders, sweating, nausea, and palpitations.

Where will I get good momos near me?

On Taste of Nashik you will get a list of momo centers in Nashik. 

How can I add my momo business on Taste Of Nashik?

To add  your momos business in the listing pleasese contact us.

Why is momo chutney so special?

This hot, spicily prepared Momos Chutney, often referred to as Momo sauce, is prepared using tomatoes, dry red chilies, and garlic.

Why are momos so popular?

Momos are popular due to their juicy, flavor, momos are loaded with delicate chicken and spices that make your mouth want for more are the perfect wintertime comfort food. They are steamed dumplings that have chicken, onion, cilantro, and other spices in the minced form.

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