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Namkeen in Nashik

Indulge in the Delectable Tastes of Namkeen in Nashik.

Nashik, an Indian city in Maharashtra also has good namkeen collection in its namkeen stores. The term “namkeen” often refers to the salty snacks historically consumed in South Asian nations. These snacks include extruded dough goods in addition to entire legumes including green peas, chickpeas, peanuts, cashews, lentils, and moong dal. The snacks comprise entire legumes such green peas,chickpeas, peanuts, cashews, moong dal, and lentils, as well as dough-based extruded goods.


 “Namkeen” often refers to the salty snacks historically consumed in South Asian Nations. Various components, such as whole legumes like green peas and chickpeas, nuts, cashews, moong dal, lentils, and extruded items produced from dough, can be used to make these snacks.

Navratan mixture

Navratan mixture is made from pulses, cornflakes, potatoes, peas, and peanuts. This combination of savory noodles, lentils, peanuts, puffed rice, and sun-dried potato chips that is tasty, hot, and spicy.


In Bikaner, a city in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, gramme flour, moth bean flour, and spices are used to prepare bhujia, which is commonly abbreviated to “bhujia.” There are some of the best namkeen shops in Nashik selling bhujia

Bombay Mix

Bombay mix is a South Asian namkeen snack mix (August 2020) composed of an assortment of spicy dried ingredients, including fried lentils, peanuts, chickpeas, corn, vegetable oil, puffed rice, fried onion, and curry leaves.

khatta meetha namkeen

This combination of fried green peas, boondi, lemon sev, and traditional namkeen is an extraordinary treat for your senses because it is both sweet and sour in a delicious way. 

Moong Dal

Moong beans that have been split and covered in a flavorful combination of spices. There is never a wrong moment or place to indulge in one of all-time best snacks; in fact, you don’t even need a reason to do so!

Punjabi Tadka

Sticks made of crunchy gramme flour that have been flavor-boosted with ground coriander, jeera, and garam masala. This healthy snack, which is a traditional sev with a Punjabi twist, is the ideal teatime companion!


Frequently Ask Question?

Here  you  will get answers of the the frequently asked questions related to namkeens in Nashik.

How does Aloo- bhujia taste ?

This delectable snack is light, spicy, sour, crisp, and crunchy.

What Navratan mixture consists of ?

The Navratan Mixture is a delicious combination of dried nuts, deep-fried beaten rice, and the distinctive flavours of traditional Indian spices. The Navratan Mixture will transform your tea-time nibbling into an unparalleled pleasure.

Which namkeen is best for kids?

Khatta-meetha namkeen, its flavour is best for kids.

Where are the best namkeen centers in Nashik?

The list of the best namkeen centers in Nashik will be soon compiled on this site of Taste of Nashik.

Why is namkeen so well-liked?

A specially created snack, namkeen is one of the best foods at every top food brand counter in India. Spicy cuisine lovers frequently enjoy these nibbles in the evening with a cup of tea or coffee. Different Namkeens are made with various ingredients.

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