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Taste of Nashik will lead you to good restaurants near you.

There are some easy- assured and restful restaurants in Nashik to get mesmerized.
You will get friendly and mesmerized service in these restaurants which is amongst the key factors for a good restaurant service.You get good food repeatedly and so you could become the repeat guests to these restaurants. You won’t have to think much on which restaurant should be tried.

 restaurants in nashik

How Taste of Nashik can help you 

Taste of Nashik is a website that helps you find the best restaurants in your area. We can tell you which restaurants are the best based on customer reviews and overall ratings of the atmosphere, service, and taste.

 restaurants in nashik

Types of restaurants in Nashik

Restaurants in Nashik for lunch

People generally prefer vegetarian food on their plates during lunch time. There are ample options for your vegetarian lunch in Nashik. Along with this you have vegan and gluten free options available too. These restaurants are child friendly, ideal for kittys and business meetups. These restaurants have varied options according to your budget. That varies from cheap, mid- ranged and Fine dining and I believe this classification is a must.

Restaurants in Nashik for Dinner

Are you tired of the whole day’s work ? Go grab some decent restaurants for dinner. Enjoy the amazing starters and main courses and desserts.

The best starters to try in Nashik are

  • Paneer tikka
  • Hara Bhara kabab
  • Cheese balls
  • Chili paneer
  • Manchurian
  • Noodles

You have an engrossing effect due to the ambience of the restaurants here as the interior is superb.

Non-veg Restaurants in Nashik

Nashik is not only limited to vegetarian dishes; you would love the non-vegetarian taste of Nashik. The Maharashtrian style of gravy calls you to drown into. The speciality of nashik in non-veg are

  • Mutton bhakri
  • Mutton curry
  • Mutton dum biryani
  • Chicken Curry
  • King Fish
  • Pomfret
  • Jumbo Prawns
  • Crabs

You have amazing restaurants in Nashik to tickle your taste buds!! Really the elegant mutton thali in Nashik. a unique outlandish thali which includes everything( mutton sukka, mutton masala, mutton kheema, egg curry, jowar bhakri and mutton biryani) makes it a full heart feed.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will get answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to restaurants in Nashik.

How is the food delivery service in Nashik ?

Ordering food is a very common practice now and Nashik is no exception to it. You get ready to serve food on your doorstep by ordering online. This saves your time a lot.

Are there good cafes in Nashik ?

There are some amazing cafes in Nashik with gracious interior and taste. The cafes in Nashik wont dissapoint you when you talk about the taste and varied menu they have to offer you.

How are the pubs and bars in Nashik ?

There are so many elegant pubs and bars in Nashik that you should try if you are a party animal. The crowd is also charming and classy.

I want to know more about Taste of Nashik

To know more about Taste of Nashik please contact us.

How to list my punjabi restaurant on Taste of Nashik?

You can list your punjabi restaurant on Taste of Nashik by registering on this site , if you face any problem then please contact us.

What is the best veg option for a family ?

The best option for you to eat with your family in Nashik is for Maharashtrian Thali. Here the maharashtrian thali you get is a loaded thali containing Dal, Rice, kadhi, bhakri, puran poli which makes this thali extremely delectable.

How is the non - vegetarian food in Nashik ?

Nashik is well known for its authentic non-vegetarian Maharashtrian gravy. If you like non-veg then you would be insanely in love with this city. You have very good sea-food here and due to the moderate climate of Nashik you would enjoy your non-veg meal here.

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