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You deserve only the best paan and Taste of Nashik will lead you to one.

There are several paan shops in Nashik and Nashikkars love paan after a hearty meal. Areca nuts, slaked lime, and betel leaves are chewed for their stimulant and narcotic properties in a technique known as betel nut chewing, sometimes known as betel quid chewing or areca nut chewing.

Southeast Asia, Micronesia, Island Melanesia, and South Asia are all regions where the practise is common.

Additionally, it is present among some of the indigenous populations of southern China, Taiwan, and Madagascar. During colonial times, it was also brought to the Caribbean.

paan shops in nashik

How Taste of Nashik can help you 

Taste of Nashik lets you choose the best paan centers in Nashik and these options are solely based on customer reviews and ratings.

paan shops in nashik

Types of paan

Banarasi paan

It is a unique Paan because it tastes of sweet betel leaf and diced betel nut (supari). Those who are older tend to enjoy this paan the best.

Bharathi Meetha Paan

It is a paan that delights the taste buds with the flavour of fresh paan leaves and an invigorating scent. This kind of paan is especially popular among younger generations.

Zarda Paan Banarasi

It is renowned for its masala flavour and mint flavour, which provides a long-lasting freshness in the mouth.

Navratan Banarasi Paan

It differs from other varieties of Paans in that it tastes like fresh spices like cardamom and some areca nuts. Mint, cherries, and sauf are all ingredients in Banarasi Navratan Paan, which also has a delicious gulkand flavour.

Banarasi Gulab Paan

 It tastes like flavoured gulkand and fruit syrups. Many people with adventurous palates favour this odd couple. the majority of this pan eaten by sweet lovers.

Banarasi Gujiya Paan

This paan has a beautiful Gujiya shape. It tastes like tooty-fruity and gulkand, which makes it scrumptious and energising. Any age group can appreciate it because of the special cardamom and fennel seed mixture it offers.

Banarasi Amavat Paan

It stands out in a crowd with a distinctive taste of Aam papad and has a wonderful flavour. This paan combines several different kind of paans because it tastes both sweet and sour. Typically, this paan is offered at weddings to delight visitors with delectable fare.

Banarasi Panchmeva Paan

This unique blend of five dry fruits, including coconut, dates, nuts (shiraungi), gumresin, and molasses, is produced only in the Banarasi region.

Five exotic spices are tasted in this paan. Because it contains nutritious nuts and a fruity flavour, it is also known as “healthy paan.” This Panchmeva Paan has a mouthwatering mint flavour and a sweet flavour.

Bengali Banarasi Paan

It combines the flavours of many paans, including Chahi, Bengal, and Misti paans. These include fennel seeds, glazed cherries, elaichi dana, gulkand, and sauf, among other spices. This paan is distinct from other paans because it has a regal and potent taste of Bengal.

Banarasi Mukut Paan

This paan is distinctive from other paans and has a flavour that combines traditional paan with a contemporary touch. With a delicious syrup, it contains a variety of fennel seeds.


 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will get answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to paan shops in Nashik.

Are party orders accepted in Nashik's paan shops?

Yes, a number of paan stores take party orders. Additionally, they have a menu that is especially created for events and parties.

Can the proprietors of paan shops alter the flavour?

They certainly can. They will create you a paan if you only tell them what fillings you want.

Do chocolate paan stores exist in Nashik?

They do, indeed. The flavour of chocolate is highly popular, and many paan shops carry it.

Do they offer paan that is unfilled?

You can order paan leaves without any fillings inside, thus the answer is yes.

How to list my paan shop on Taste of Nashik?

You can list your paan shop on Taste of Nashik by registering on this site , if you face any problem then please contact us.

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