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You deserve only the best pizza and Taste of Nashik will lead you to one.

Pizza is a hit among the youngsters and it is celebrated among them the most.Pizza is an Italian dish which is a flat round bread served with various ingredients on the bread . The Major part of the bread is covered with mozzarella cheese and sauces and on the top it is served with beautiful toppings like onions, mushrooms, paneer olives, capsicum, to name a few. This combination of bread, cheese and toppings is really awesome.

best pizza in nashik

How Taste of Nashik can help you 

Taste of Nashik is there to help you out to choose the best pizza sellers in Nashik and the best pizza served by them. Discover some of the best places to hangout with friends and family. The best pizza along with amazing ambience and company of your friends is next to heaven on earth.You will get to know some of the amazing offers on pizzas

best pizza in nashik

Types of Pizza that are most wanted across the country.

Pizza with cheese

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a classic is the odds-on favourite. One of the most popular options is cheese pizza. It will always stand alone as a straightforward, unadorned masterpiece.

Vegetarian pizza

Veggies are the ideal topping for cheese pizza when you want to add some colour and texture. And your imagination is your only constraint. Vegetarian pizza is fascinating and delicious since it may include everything from peppers and mushrooms to eggplant and onions.

Pizza Pepperoni

This is one of the most well-liked varieties of pizza for a reason. Who doesn’t enjoy biting into a crunchy, salty pepperoni round?

Meat Pizza

A meat pizza is a wonderful and popular option if pepperoni is simply insufficient and you’re seeking for a pie with a little more substance. For a hearty supper, pile on the ground meat and sausage.

Pizza Margherita

The Margherita pizza’s ingredients—basil, fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes—are deceptively straightforward. There is a reason why it is a mainstay of Italian cuisine and one of the most well-liked varieties of pizza in the nation.

 Chicken BBQ pizza

Why not combine your love of pizza with your love of BBQ chicken? Sports enthusiasts and college students have long considered this to be a cult classic. Pies with chicken on top have an unrivalled combination of acidic and sweet flavour.

Pizza Hawaiian

You might not immediately think of pineapple when you think of pizza. However, when you include some ham, it provides an unexpectedly delicious sweet and salty flavour combination for this particular pizza.

Supreme Pizza

The supreme pizza is the best option when you are unsure of your topping preferences. The term “supreme” refers to the long list of toppings that are strewn on these pies, including pepperoni, sausage, and vegetables. And what truly makes it sing is how the flavors work together. Ninth Supreme Pizza

Farmhouse pizza

For those who enjoy pizza with lots of toppings. It has bread that has been covered with sauce and numerous toppings, including maize, mushrooms, onions, capsicums, and olives.


 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will get answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to pizza shops in Nashik.

What makes pizza special?

During the cooking process, the maillard reaction brings forward the flavouring substances that give pizza its distinctive flavour in addition to the glutamate. The sugars and amino acids in the dough and pizza toppings combine during heating to produce the taste components.

Who created the original pizza?

In Naples, Italy, a baker by the name of Raffeale Esposito invented the first pizza. He was willing to create a pizza that is entirely unique from other varieties of pizza made in Naples. He was the one who initially thought of relishing the cheese pizza. He afterwards added tomato sauce on top.

Where will I get the best pizza in Nashik?

You will get the best pizzas in Nashik in a form of list on Taste of Nashik from there you can choose one place.

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