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Taste of Nashik provides you the best poha serving outlets in Nashik to make your morning bracing.

Poha is known for its completeness it gives to your breakfast. Poha is light and easy to digest and you would be surprised to know the health benefits of poha. Poha is packed with carbohydrates that give you energy essential for you to do your daily chores. Along with that it has iron, rich in fiber and antioxidants.


Poha in Nashik

Poha in Maharashtra has potatoes, onion and peanuts in it. In Nashik you have the most famous kanda poha served and there are extremely good serving outlets for poha.


Does Poha has health benefits ?

Yes, you would be surprised to know that your favourite poha has several health benefits too.

Keeps blood sugar level stable

You would be amazed to know that poha is good for diabetes . It has high fibre content and promotes steady sugar release in blood stream

An Excellent Source Of Nutritious Carbohydrates

It is a fantastic morning food because these healthy carbs give the body the energy it needs to do its daily tasks.

Poha as a Probiotic

Though it may surprise some, poha is also a good source of probiotics. This is due to the fact that the paddy used to prepare the dish is parboiled and then dried in the sun for a few hours before being used.

Full of Iron : good in pregnancy

As they run a significant risk of developing gestational anaemia, lactating or pregnant women are frequently advised to eat softened poha. This is because rice must travel through iron rollers as part of the poha producing process.



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will get answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to poha and poha stalls in Nashik.

Where will I get poha near me ?

Taste of Nashik will take you to the best poha outlets available in the town. 

How can I add my Poha business on Taste of Nashik

To add your poha business on Taste of Nashik please contact us, soon your poha business wil be listed on our site.

How Taste of Nashik will lead me to the poha centers near me ?

Taste of Nashik willl lead you to the nearest poha centre based on your location.

How the list of the poha centers has been created on this site ?

The list of poha centers has been created based on customer reviews and ratings.

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