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Solkadhi : touches your soul

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Sol kadhi is an appetizer and you can take it with your meal or after the completion of your meal. Sol kadhi is popular in Goa, Southern Maharashtra and Northern Karnataka. Preparation includes coconut milk, extracted from fresh coconut.


How is solkadhi prepared

The coconut milk is mixed with kokum, salt, mustard seeds, chili and ginger- garlic paste that enhance the probiotic contents. It has a soothing pink-purple color. The solkadhi has a cooling effect and is appropriate to take after eating spicy food.


Benefits of solkadhi


Solkadhi  became popular in Nashik due to its following benefits

  • Has a Cooling Effect : Solkadhi can operate as a natural cooling agent, which helps to chill the body.
  • Improves Digestive Health  : By purifying the digestive system, solkadhi aids in digestion.
  • Benefits for the Heart :   Kokum contains polyphenols, such as hydroxy-citric acids, which help lower triglyceride levels and lower the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Avoids Cancer : As a result of kokum’s anti-carcinogenic garcinol content, which limits the proliferation of malignant cells, cancer is prevented.




    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is solakdhi healthy ?

    Yes, solkadhi is very healthy  drink , in Nashik it is really popular for its good taste and health benefits. 

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