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Looking for a good south indian restaurant ? Taste of Nashik will lead you to one.

The adage “have breakfast like a king” is not idle talk. Many people only think of South Indian food when they think of breakfast. Indeed, why not! There isn’t much a gastronome can do to resist such delicious and utterly enticing foods when they are served.

Taste Of Nashik will help you if you are stuck to find out the best South-Indian restaurants in Nashik. The list of the top restaurants is based on the rankings , reviews and overall service provided by the restaurants.

south Indian restaurants

South-indian cuisine is not about only Idli-Sambar, Dosa

What better way to start the day than to treat yourself to a meal at one of the many South Indian restaurants in Nashik? And this will come as a surprise to those who believed that South Indian cuisine exclusively included the dishes Idli and Dosa. The southern states offer a wide variety of delicious and healthful cuisine for everyone.

south Indian restaurants

The states covering South-Indian cuisines

The cuisine of the five major Southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana makes up the majority of South Indian cuisine. As a result, the cuisine takes into account both the geographical and cultural influences of these states. 

Cuisine of Tamil Nadu

The primary food consumed in Tamil Nadu is rice, which is served with a variety of gently or heavily spiced vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as part of a typical Tamil dinner. Since Brahmins make up the majority of Tamilians, vegetarian food is more prevalent in their cuisine, including:

Sambar, Rasam, Kuzhambu, Thayir, and other gravies and curries go well with rice.

Kootu, poriyal, pappadam, oorkai, and other side dishes or appetisers are examples.

• Desserts like thirukannamidu, kesari, kheer, etc. are served after a paan.

Karnataka recipes

The state of Karnataka boasts of numerous mouthwatering delicacies and offers a broad variety of delicious platters, including:

• Roti, which is typically eaten with spiced and stewed lentils, spiced vegetable salads, and dishes with eggplant. Roti is made of pearl millet, sorghum, and rice.

• In the Karnataka coastal regions, rice is typically served with gassi, or meat-and-fish-based gravy dishes.

• In addition, there are numerous additional well-known rice preparations, such as Bisi Bele Bath, Kokum rice, Ragi Muddle, saaru, uppinakai, huli, and gojju, among others.

• Sweets include rave unde, Mysore pak, dharwad pedha, and coconut mithai.
the cuisine of Kerala

Keralite cuisine

Kerala cuisine is diverse, however it is best described in terms of the various local communities. The Syrian Christian meals and the Malabari Muslim dishes are the most well-known.

Non-vegetarian meals that are frequently served include Malabari Fish Curry, Pork Mappas, Malabar Biriyani, Meen Thoran, a coconut-based fish dish, Duck Curry, Pork Vindallu, Shrimp Coconut Curry, Fish Fry, and Fish Curry.

• A few examples of popular vegetarian foods are aviyal, sambar, rasam, kichadi, pachady, and olan.

• Some examples of snacks are banana fried, cutlets, cakes, halwas, and payasam

The cuisine of Andhra Pradesh

Many of Andhra Pradesh’s elegant and savoury dishes reveal a strong impact of Mughal culinary traditions on this region’s cuisine.

• Upma, curries, pulusu, chaaru, and other breakfast or tiffin dishes are available.

Hyderabadi Biryani, Kachay Gosht ki Biryani, and Dum ki Biryani are a few examples of different types of biryanis.

• Among the most well-known Sabzis are Achaari Subzi, Dum ka Murgh, Mirchi ka Salan, Baghara Baingan, and many others.

• Thokkudu laddu, boondi laddu, kaaja, and pootarekulu are famous desert items.
Restaurant Prices in South India for a Meal for Two


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to south Indian restaurants in Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Here you will get answers to some of the frequently asked questions related south Indian restaurants in Nashik.

Do South Indian restaurants in Nashik offer lunch boxes or tiffin service?

Yes, most South Indian restaurants these days provide meal boxes or tiffin service as needed.

Which South Indian meals in my area should you definitely try?

Idli, Dosa, and Uttapam are all served in a variety at these establishments. Popular dishes like Chettinad Chicken, Lemon Rice, Malabar Fish Curry, and Bisibelebhath are available as the main meal.

Are there Nashik South Indian eateries that offer home delivery service?

There are several South Indian eateries that do deliver food to customers’ homes for a small delivery fee.

Do these restaurants stay open all day?

Most of these establishments offer food at all mealtimes.
dinner, lunch, and morning. Some people might only work during lunch and evening.

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